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R36 900,00

An excellent choice for commuting and urban transportation.



The VTUVIA Giraffe is equipped with a powerful 500w motor and a 48V 14Ah battery. This combination provides reliable performance and extended battery life, making it an excellent choice for commuting and urban transportation.



  • Unleash Battery Power | Powered by a 500W motor and a high-capacity 48V 14Ah LG battery, the Giraffe Commuter Electric Bike delivers impressive battery power that takes you further. Enjoy a range of up to 50 miles on a single charge, ensuring you can conquer long distances without worrying about running out of juice.
  • Pedal-Assist Speed and Shimano Shift System | Effortlessly cruise through city streets with the pedal-assist speed feature, enhancing your riding experience. Seamlessly transition between gears with the 7 Gears Shimano Shift System, providing smooth and precise gear changes for optimal performance in various terrains.

  • Easy To Get On Step-Thru Frame for Everyday Commute | The sleek and stylish frame makes the bike easy to get on and off from. Combining functionality and fashion, the bike is the perfect companion for your daily adventures.

  • Powerful Rear Hub Motor | Ride fast with a 500W motor that provides a max torque of 50Nm, Tackling hills or going full throttle is pure fun.

  • Convenient Charging | Easy-to-remove battery that you can charge conveniently on and off the bike. Enjoy 50 miles of range with a single charge.

  • Rain or Shine | Ride with confidence, day or night, thanks to the integrated lights and fenders. Stay visible to others on the road while protecting yourself from splashes and debris. Safety is paramount, and the Giraffe Commuter Electric Bike has got you covered.

  • Power for Heavy Loads | The Giraffe Commuter Electric Bike is not just about commuting; it's also a powerful and versatile cargo bike. With a carrying capacity of up to 330 lbs, you can transport groceries, luggage, or other essentials with ease, making it the perfect companion for your daily errands.


  • Motor: 48V*500W
  • Geared Motor Battery: 48V 14AH LG li-ion battery
  • Throttle: Thumb Throttle
  • Ranges: 80 kilometers
  • Battery Weight 4.2kg
  • Recommended Height 5'7"-6'3" (1.7-1.9m)
  • Max Load 150kgs
  • Bike Weight: 27kg (battery included)
  • 24 month warranty on frame, 12 Months warranty on components. *warranty differs for commercial use.


  • Rear Rack
  • Fenders

  • Charger

  • Battery

  • Pedals