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Aqua Marina RACE YOUNG 12'6" KidsSUP


R10 200,00

For youth competitions, the RACE YOUNG racing board is purpose-built for speed and performance. Empower the youth with the right tools for their paddling journey with our Youth series.



Unleash the potential of young racers with the RACE YOUNG, meticulously crafted for speed, training, and conquering long distances.


Its slender 12'6" x 22" design, tailored for lighter weights, boasts a narrower tail and streamlined outline, elevating top speed and optimising gliding efficiency. With a remarkable buoyancy combined with ultra stiff Double Layer Technology, these boards offer unrivalled rigidity and responsiveness on the water, ensuring a stable stance.


Whether gliding on flat water or conquering open-ocean downwinders, the RACE YOUNG is the ultimate choice for aspiring champions.


  • OUTLINE | Streamlined outline for clean and fast waterline and efficient strokes.
  • RED STRAP BUNGEE SYSTEM | Iconic ultra elastic RED STRAP bungee system for effortless cargo securing
  • COMFORT EVA FOOTPAD | Diamond grooving sand-ripple exterior EVA footpad for ultimate grip and comfort.
  • TAIL KICK PAD | Build-in tail kick pad allowing smooth maneuvering of cutbacks and turns.
  • RUBBER PATCHED VALVE | Quality rubber patched air valve for premium look and better airtightness
  • SWIFT ATTACH FIN SYSTEM | Game-changing patented Swift Attach Fin System (SAFS) for fast and secure fin attachment
  • DROP STITCH LIGHT TECHNOLOGY | Lightweight for easy transportation while providing stiffness through its drop stitch core.
  • 24 MONTH WARRANTY | For a SUP we trust in, and will stand by to ensure you have a safe and fun paddle experience


  • Board size: 12'6" x 22"x4.7" [381x56x12cm]
  • Board weight: 9.0kg
  • Board volume: 220L
  • Rider weight: up to 60kg
  • MAX payload: 70kg
  • MAX air pressure: 18psi
  • 24 Month Warranty