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Aqua Marina RACE 14'0" ELITE SUP

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R20 100,00

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R18 090,00


The RACE ELITE 14’0” is specially crafted for performance paddlers, up to 120kg (Max Payload 160kg).


Board size: 14'0” x 25"x 6" [427x63.5x15cm]



The 2022 RACE ELITE is a new member for the race family, designed with a more performance-oriented shape for those who focus on increasing top speed in long-distance events.


Featuring a straighter outline and pointier tail that increase top speed and maximize gliding efficiency, this race champion excels at keeping the board moving in a straight line. With reduced width to 25” and the bonus EVA side rail pad, RACE ELITE ensures improved acceleration without losing stability. 


As a professional racing board for Pro level users, RACE ELITE comes with the premium fiberglass racing fin system and the new molded hydrodynamic rail edges that are specifically designed to help riders race against the clock by offering fast efficient glide and smooth tracking. Ideal for either clam waters or downwind runs! 


The new RACE ELITE is a true racing machine, especially for advanced paddlers who want to focus on paddling speed and covering longer distances. constructed of four ultra-stiffening carbon fiber reinforced stringers (CFR™ technology), this board delivers incredible rigidity and responsiveness. 


  • QUALITY PRINTING | Full deck and base quality printing for superior optics.
  • DOUBLE LAYERED RAIL | 1000D double layered rail design for reinforced rail protection 
  • DOUBLE LAYER TECH | Double Layer Technology for weight reduction and increase in stiffness, combined with quadruple stringers for extra rigidity and less power loss during paddling
  • CARBON FIBER REINFORCEMENT | Carbon Fiber Reinforced (CFR™ Technology) quadruple stringers for 25% increase in stiffness and 60% more responsiveness 
  • DECK FOOTPAD | Non-print EVA footpad of diamond groove, ensuring ultimate grip and comfort.
  • SIDE RAIL PAD | Built-in side rail pad design helping riders easily find balance during high-speed paddling 
  • PIN TAIL | Pointy tail design for longer waterline providing maximum flow and efficient glide 
  • BUNGEE SYSTEM | Equipped with adjustable bungee cord stopper to easily tighten luggage.
  • CARRY HANDLE | Solid neoprene carry handle specifically designed for a comfortable grasp 
  • D-RING | Reinforced rear Stainless Steel D-Ring for towing or leash.
  • RUBBER PATCHED VALVE | Upgraded air valve rubber patch providing user-friendly instructions and better airtightness in harsh environments
  • OUTLINE | Streamlined outline for clean and fast waterline and efficient strokes.
  • KICK PAD | Optimized kick pad, EVA foam posi-compound formula with diamond groove, with a flat tail allows very quick turns.
  • BACK END DESIGN | Carbon fiber reinforced fiberglass racing fin for top speed potential, combined with hydrodynamic rail edges creating clean water release.


  • Board size: 14'0” x 25"x 6" [427x63.5x15cm]
  • Board weight: 11.2kg
  • Board volume: 330L 
  • Rider weight: up to 110kg
  • MAX payload: 150kg
  • MAX air pressure: 18psi
  • 12 Month Warranty


  • Coil Leash
  • ELITE Fiberglass Racing fin
  • Liquid Air V2 High-Pressure double action hand pump
  • ZIP Backpack
  • Patches & Manual