Explore remote locations in a new way with the BLUEDRIVE S, an electric motor designed to fit almost all types of watercrafts with a fin box. It helps you to extend trips and save more energy when fighting against wind and current.

  • Universal fit for all AM SUP's and Kayaks and other craft with slide in finbox design.

  • BLUEDRIVE S is equipped with a 360° water intake design for superior efficiency.

  • DEKRA certified construction with finger guard protection.

  • Includes moulded carry bag for every component of the BLUEDRIVE S.

  • Give your SUP or kayak an E-power boost of up to 6km/h.

  • Runtime of 30 - 60min depending on speed setting used and variable speeds of 4-6km/h.

  • Wireless Remote Control, 3 button remote comes in a waterproof armband holder, and low power consumption.

  • The power pack is connected to the user with a magnetic shut-off switch and leash, in case you fall in the water, the motor will stop automatically.

  • Great Portability, the whole pack of the new BLUEDRIVE S weighs only 5.1kg (Gross Weight) and is allowed on airplanes.

  • The power pack is only 1.25kg, our rechargeable lithium-ion battery is extremely light while highly efficient for great portability.