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Café Racer Style E-bike


Revive the classic '90s moto elements and showcasing California vibe. experience the 'Joy on the Journey'

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Smart Control, Seamless Ride

Our ebike's high-integration smart dashboard brings the future to your fingertips. Start-up, horn, turning, and headlight controls are all unified, offering you complete control over your ride with effortless ease.

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Retro Redefined

Inspired by the classic automobiles and motorcycles of 1950s America, our ebikes meld timeless retro aesthetics with the sunny disposition of California style. Ride in elegance, embracing the allure of vintage grace with joy in every journey.

750W Robust Motor

Embrace the thrill of the open road with our compact yet potent 750W brushless motor, delivering an exhilarating 1100W peak power. Ride with confidence, style, and unmatched freedom.

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