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  • K2 - single
  • K2 - single
  • K2 - single
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K2 - single

Brand: Aqua Marina Code: KAY001

An outstanding sea touring expedition kayak with excellent tracking, performance, glide, and great handling characteristics.  (Recommended Retail Price: R8074.00 incl. vat)

Product Features

The K2 is the kayak that gets you there. This kayak applies a rocker design with drop-stitch deck, V-keel and super tough reinforced vinyl, and can be used in up to class 3 white water, yet its responsiveness is unparalleled.


Key Features:

•Super tough 3-layer reinforced fabric

•Inflatable V-keel for boat stability and tracking

•Adjustable and removable polyester foam pad seat

•Support track foot brace system

•Hard V-cone anti-collision design

•Super tough and high,pressure drop stitch deck fabric

•Enormous amount of storage capacity, K2 allows you to fully 'gear up' for your adventure. Bow bungee and integral dry back for on-deck storage

•4+1 multiple chambers for safe long-distance paddling concern

•Safety rubber handles on bow and stern

•Linear tracking skeg

Product Specifications

Kayak in bag: aprox. 80x60x30cm
10 kgs


Max Payload: 95kg


Includes: 16" hand pump, pressure gauge & carry bag & Polyester foam seat.

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