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  • SUPER TRIP 12'2
  • SUPER TRIP 12'2
  • SUPER TRIP 12'2
  • SUPER TRIP 12'2
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Brand: Aqua Marina Code: ISUP002
iSUP - inflatable 'Stand Up Paddleboard', that rolls up into a backpack! Super Size, Super Fun.  (Recommended Retail Price: R10213.00 incl. vat)

Product Features

One of the most appealing things about the SUP is just how easy it is to do. Super Trip inflatable SUP extends the family fun to the next level with its extra length 370cm and width 87cm. Designed for 2 aduts+1kid, this family stand up paddle board is a perfect rig for lakes, seaside and rivers. Ideal for family use or for clubs.



Durable 15cm double-wall drop stitch core material for extreme stiffness.

Top and bottom high tensile rail bands along the outline creates stiffening system

Two extra pairs of rubber carrying handles on the side.

Carrying handles on the front and tail.

EVA Deck: Dot groove, heat embossed for maximum traction and durability.

Stainless Steel D-ring on tail for safety leash.

Elastic bungee cords for cargo.

Optimum air pressure in all conditions up to 15psi

Product Specifications

Board in backpack: aprox. 80x40x20cm
12 kgs


Ideal for riders up to 180kg (MAX: 210kg)


Includes: JOMBO High Pressure pump with gauge & MAGIC backpack & fins.

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